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MMORPGs Attempt to Take Down the Epic Boss that is World of Warcraft

Neverwinter Online MMORPGs Attempt to Take Down the Epic Boss that is World of Warcraft

When it comes to Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games, it seems that although there were many before (and after) Blizzard’s World of Warcraft, none have quite lived up to the mind-blowingly widespread popularity that WoW achieved. Many die-hard fans of specific MMORPGs would instantly jump up into rebuttal, strapping on their armour and equipping their weapons in order to argue the above mentioned point, creating a typical internet argument of epic proportions that would no doubt end with someone being referred to as a Nazi. Instead of this, I’m going to focus on some of the newer MMORPGs that had all the potential, but seemed to somehow fall short, wiping before the splendours could be looted.

I was convinced that WoW had been defeated once ArenaNet’s Guild Wars 2 was released. I had pre-ordered the game, and after experiencing the beta events, I was definitely hooked. The fresh approach to questing, which saw real time events pop up around the map, really gave the tedious process of levelling a more enjoyable spin. The karma points system also made the grinding seem much more worth it. Although, like some mobile casino, not all aspects hit the jackpot. The game seemed to lose all greatness once you hit maximum level. Raiding, which is a huge part of any RPG, seemed much too difficult for the rewards that were given, and the world versus world, player vs. player too easily turned into one massive, confused mess of players running around like headless chickens.

Next came Dungeons & Dragons Neverwinter Online, which raised the bar after Guild Wars 2. Neverwinter Online had great PvP, both 5v5 and 20v20 base-capture battlegrounds. Between the regular adding of new content and special ‘events’ as well as the fantastic Foundry feature that allows normal players to design their own quests, which others can then complete and rate, I was hooked. Although, unfortunately, it seemed Neverwinter Online fell short by limiting the number of abilities you could slot into your action bars at a time. Without that freedom of being able to mix and match spells depending on your specific opponent, I felt like I was caged behind my screen.

Finally we come to Bluehole Studios’s TERA, the one MMORPG that I feel might have a shot at knocking WoW off its pedestal. I am in the process of reaching max level, so cannot truly comment too much about endgame content, although throughout my experiences, I have yet to find any massive flaws. The raiding, although challenging, seems graceful and enjoyable, even when your group is a little incompetent. Raids do not easily wipe completely, which is great, seeing as there is nothing worse than having to restart a boss fight. Questing doesn’t become tedious, and PvP is rather enjoyable. The only slight issue that I have found, is the quick respawn time of mobs, which may leave you in a rather sticky situation.

We’ll have to just wait and see what is next in the wonderful world of MMORPGs.

By Jason

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Best Reasons Why People Love Playing and Watching Sports & Games

Do you love watching football? You are not the only one. There are millions of people around the world who watch sports and games on their TVs and in the stadium on a regular basis. Then there are the ones who are regular players. Students in particular are encouraged to pick a sport to play during their school and university years. If they become proficient enough, they can develop a career for themselves in the sport they selected. Yet, there are several other reasons why people watch and play sports.

Of course, entertainment remains the foremost reason for people to watch sports and games. They love the competition and the thrill which it brings. It is a great feeling to watch two teams or players battle it out like it is the contest of their lives. There is an element of national pride as well in addition to the brilliance on show from the players involved. The casual viewers are simply watching to discover why the sport or game is so popular.

People have a misconception about sports. They feel as though the sports and games will interfere with their children’s academic prospects. However, physical education experts state that exercise is important for the physical and mental development of the kids. Hence, they should be encouraged to take up sports and games at an early age so their body’s growth and development is not hindered in any way whatsoever.

Even for adults, there is great value for indulging in sports. The risk of injury is there but the physical fitness and health ensured by regular exercise counterbalance it to a great extent. There are some low impact sports you can take part in, swimming being the lightest. The key is to actually take part in the sports and the health benefits start showing up in no time at all. Regardless of the sport or game you select, there are several benefits on offer.

Then there are the people who actually make a living off watching sports and games. It may sound unusual to the average person but betting on the sports and games is a common practice. People have made millions of pounds playing the book through websites like – free bookmaker betting. There is a misconception regarding the legality of the matter as some people believe that betting on sports is illegal.

You need to find a registered bookmaker through which you can place your bets legally. You don’t even have to lay down a large amount to bet on the sports. You can start off with small amounts and as you keep winning, increase the risk you entail. That way, you don’t have to entail much risk and the chances of winning are maximized. Of course, you can try William Hill free betting at to minimize the risk involved.

Watching and playing sports and games is considered one of the healthiest hobbies one could have. If you don’t have an active lifestyle, watching the fit and smart athletes could provide the motivation you are looking for. To each his/her own, though, as people have different reasons for playing and watching sports and games. In fact, you don’t need a reason to play or watch any sport or game. After all, it is for the sake of health & fitness or entertainment.

Author Bio:

The author is a self-proclaimed sports enthusiast whose days are spent spread out on the couch watching football, basketball, rugby, tennis, etc.

Social Media Network for Your Videos

Internet has brought social media network in upper lever. Now everybody can interact with other easily from their smart phone. Wi-Fi and charger are two important things to do internet activity. Now, you can find many people like to gathering in coffee shops with Wi-Fi or free hotspot in restaurant because they also interest with the Wi-Fi or Hotspot. Instead of text, people need other way to interact in internet where they can show their real expression. And the suitable way for them is video. If you want to have amazing experience using video in your social media network, you can join with is a social media where you can create and upload your video and share it with many people around the world easily. Many people have joined with and they are satisfied. If you want to get their latest activity in, you can start to follow them then.

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Sell your Nintendo DS

Technology changes, improves and develops with incredible speed these days, and you might be surprised by how quickly your dream gadget is usurped by a newer, shinier, higher spec model. So what are your options when you’ve made the decision to upgrade?

Much is made of the environmental impact of our obsession with technology, with ever-growing worries about how sustainable our use of landfill is. An O2 report from early 2012 suggested that over 17 million electronic gadgets are binned each year. We all like to do our bit for the environment, so why not sell on your electronics – you can make some money while helping to keep our planet happy!

There are plenty options for those looking to sell on items such as games consoles, PC equipment, tablets, smartphones and the like. We’ve taken a look at a few ways of selling for you.

Let’s say you want to sell your Nintendo DS – you could start locally. The traditional method of putting a notice in a shop window has the benefit of attracting local buyers but has limited reach. A better option might be to place an advertisement in the classified section of a local paper. Both of these allow you to set your own price (but people making purchases from these sources are looking for a bargain so be prepared for that to be haggled down) and expect to field phone calls and enquiries, possibly at inconvenient times. Take care of your personal safety if you need to meet face to face to complete the sale.

Online auction sites like eBay can be a good option. You can research the value of your DS by checking previous sales, although this can be hit and miss, depending on the timing of the auction, and other factors such as the accessories and games included in the sale. You need to provide and accurately cost out proper packaging and postage, and beware losses in the post – insurance is a must.

Probably the simplest method is to use one of the many sites online offering to buy your equipment. If you sell your Nintendo DS to one of these companies, they will give you an up to date, accurate valuation and will usually provide you with packaging in which to send it to them. The money will be paid to your account without fuss and usually within a couple of days, no haggling and no hassle.

So there you have it – no excuses now, pocket some cash!


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