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The Future of Video Games

The Future of Video Games The Future of Video Games

The only thing he thought of video games, which can happen in the future. I hope to work in the gaming industry, a day after I completed my university, I wondered for a long time. What I want to happen in the future? Can not be too many answers right now, but I came up with some ideas that I can go “play” in the near.

First, forget about virtual reality as we know it. They tried VR goggles and they made many patients do. Obviously does not work well with this form. It’s still there, you can buy them yet, but does not seem to really take off. It may take more to get people totally immersed and involved in new forms of play. Threatened to lose contact with the outside world and those around you do not appreciate much. Sci-fi neural implants are also so much, is unlikely to be accepted by most people without heavy marketing of luck. I’m not going to have surgery just to get your PC connected to my head. In fact I do not want anyone to be able to suit me. Read the rest of this entry »