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Sell your Nintendo DS

Technology changes, improves and develops with incredible speed these days, and you might be surprised by how quickly your dream gadget is usurped by a newer, shinier, higher spec model. So what are your options when you’ve made the decision to upgrade?

Much is made of the environmental impact of our obsession with technology, with ever-growing worries about how sustainable our use of landfill is. An O2 report from early 2012 suggested that over 17 million electronic gadgets are binned each year. We all like to do our bit for the environment, so why not sell on your electronics – you can make some money while helping to keep our planet happy!

There are plenty options for those looking to sell on items such as games consoles, PC equipment, tablets, smartphones and the like. We’ve taken a look at a few ways of selling for you.

Let’s say you want to sell your Nintendo DS – you could start locally. The traditional method of putting a notice in a shop window has the benefit of attracting local buyers but has limited reach. A better option might be to place an advertisement in the classified section of a local paper. Both of these allow you to set your own price (but people making purchases from these sources are looking for a bargain so be prepared for that to be haggled down) and expect to field phone calls and enquiries, possibly at inconvenient times. Take care of your personal safety if you need to meet face to face to complete the sale.

Online auction sites like eBay can be a good option. You can research the value of your DS by checking previous sales, although this can be hit and miss, depending on the timing of the auction, and other factors such as the accessories and games included in the sale. You need to provide and accurately cost out proper packaging and postage, and beware losses in the post – insurance is a must.

Probably the simplest method is to use one of the many sites online offering to buy your equipment. If you sell your Nintendo DS to one of these companies, they will give you an up to date, accurate valuation and will usually provide you with packaging in which to send it to them. The money will be paid to your account without fuss and usually within a couple of days, no haggling and no hassle.

So there you have it – no excuses now, pocket some cash!


The Future of Video Games

The Future of Video Games The Future of Video Games

The only thing he thought of video games, which can happen in the future. I hope to work in the gaming industry, a day after I completed my university, I wondered for a long time. What I want to happen in the future? Can not be too many answers right now, but I came up with some ideas that I can go “play” in the near.

First, forget about virtual reality as we know it. They tried VR goggles and they made many patients do. Obviously does not work well with this form. It’s still there, you can buy them yet, but does not seem to really take off. It may take more to get people totally immersed and involved in new forms of play. Threatened to lose contact with the outside world and those around you do not appreciate much. Sci-fi neural implants are also so much, is unlikely to be accepted by most people without heavy marketing of luck. I’m not going to have surgery just to get your PC connected to my head. In fact I do not want anyone to be able to suit me. Read the rest of this entry »